Cortec Flooring

See How Easily You Can Elevate Your Home's Interior

See How Easily You Can Elevate Your Home's Interior

Install your Cortec flooring in West Jordan, Herriman, Sandy, UT and surrounding areas

Cortec LVP ( luxury vinyl plank ) flooring is a highly durable flooring material that is extremely popular with home owners and an attractive addition to your home. Every piece is designed with a built- in sound and moisture barrier, making it the perfect waterproof and scratch proof flooring for any high traffic area in your home. As a bonus it helps make this product easy to clean and maintain.

3 Benefits to installing Cortec:

  • Cortect has real texture and real graining 
  • The planks have a micro edge for a true, hardwood flooring look
  • With Cortec, you don't have the same maintenance issues that you would with solid or engineered hardwoods. 










How To Maintain Cortec flooring:

To properly take care of your flooring installation, we recommend using a dry mop floor using a micro fiber mop pad or appropriate floor vacuum to remove dust particulate from the flood. Also, using Spray neutral pH cleaner, such as Shaw Hard Surface Cleaner or ZEP Neutral Floor Cleaner, onto the floor in manageable areas.

If you are looking for a high quality and high style product, Cortec LVP flooring may be for you. To get a better overview of construction necessary and to put together a detailed project plan, a Quality Assured Flooring contractor will come by your home and provide a free estimate.

Trust our team for your flooring installation needs today in West Jordan, Herriman,Sandy, UT and surrounding areas.